Why is Dtravel Critical to the Success of TRVL?

The short-term rental market is worth an estimated $83B*, with more than half of that from direct bookings. While bookings from centralized marketplaces will grow 1-2x over the next ten years, direct bookings will grow 5-10x. Dtravel is best positioned to capture this market opportunity.

Centralized marketplaces are expensive, and no alternatives have been able to solve the complexities of global payments and trust between operators and travelers. However, within Dtravel’s ecosystem, we can formalize this market by aligning economic incentives, making it more rewarding, safe, and easier for peer-to-peer bookings to flourish.

Holding TRVL allows for economic participation in the Dtravel ecosystem. The more operators enter the Dtravel ecosystem, the more valuable it becomes for travelers. The more travelers that enter the Dtravel ecosystem, the more valuable it becomes for operators. These network effects increase revenue, which will be used to buy back tokens, creating value for all TRVL holders. Together, these mechanisms will ensure robust utility and demand for TRVL and long-term value accrual.

Key Takeaways

  1. Dtravel’s ecosystem is the first implementation of TRVL utility.

  2. Dtravel uses TRVL rewards to accelerate growth in the Dtravel ecosystem, increasing the formal market size for vacation rentals, especially direct bookings.

  3. That growth leads to more revenue and TRVL buy-backs for long-term token value accrual.


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