Dtravel DAO Governance

Updated March 8, 2024. This is an evolving document and will be updated regularly.


What makes Dtravel different from web2 travel companies is our vision to empower ownership in travel. This means ownership in the ecosystem as well as the right to vote. We laid the groundwork for our vision by first building a robust product, Dtravel Direct, and fostering a community of satisfied vacation rental owners and operators who recognize the pivotal role Dtravel plays in the success of their businesses. Working closely with these community members, we gathered their feedback and built an innovative offering that has already won us recognition in the vacation rental industry. Going forward, we’ll continue to work with the Dtravel operator community on improving the Dtravel Direct app,while we focus on launching and getting feedback on the Dtravel Explorer app, a new product aimed at facilitating search and TRVL growth campaigns.

Community feedback is pivotal to our continued success and we’re excited to share that TRVL holders now have the opportunity to actively participate in decision-making and voice their opinion on different proposals that affect the Dtravel ecosystem.

Community members will be able to exercise their voting rights, influencing Dtravel's roadmap and weighing in on proposals that impact the Dtravel ecosystem. This document sets out how governance will be structured and evolve over time and how community members can participate in governance.

This governance guide is a high level overview and is a living document that will evolve and improve as and when required and also through the community’s input and feedback.

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