Geographical Density

The rationale behind Geographical Density incentives is that Dtravel is a decentralized physical network (DePIN) of bookable properties. As with all physical networks, sufficiently dense coverage is critical for the network to be vibrant and self-sustainable. In the case of Dtravel, density refers to having a sufficient concentration of Dtravel-powered properties in a particular market to attract a critical mass of operators and travelers. Achieving density in certain cities is vital for the success of Dtravel in establishing a vibrant and diverse offering.

The highest geographical density incentive points will be awarded to operators who list new properties in destinations with high demand but fewer Dtravel-powered properties. The first property in a destination receives the most points, and the number of points received by subsequent properties decreases linearly with the number of Dtravel properties already listed in the same city until it becomes zero when the number of properties reaches a predefined target number proportional to the city's population.

This incentive program encourages early adoption of Dtravel by property operators since the earlier one joins, the more points one gets while ensuring geographical decentralization.

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