TRVL Token: Promoting Nite Protocol Decentralization

TRVL is the utility token powering the Nite Protocol. TRVL prevents centralization of the Nite Protocol by distributing control to active participants.


The importance of decentralization to protocols cannot be understated. The centralized structure of traditional companies relies on a board or a single leader to decide the platform's future. This introduces a range of potentially fatal issues when it comes to longevity, key person risk, security, misaligned incentives, and regulatory capture issues.

Thankfully, there are ways to combat such issues through decentralizing control. Decentralizing a protocol can be enabled when community members have decision-making authority and a financial incentive to contribute time and resources.

We believe the best way to encourage decentralization is through blockchain-based tokens. The TRVL token will have an important role in decentralizing control. Instead of a few people controlling the direction of the protocol, the community will decide on future developments of the protocol.

The benefits of using TRVL within the Nite Protocol are:

  • Incentivize users to contribute to the Nite Protocol and improve the protocol's operations

  • Balanced control and no single points of failure

  • Checks and balances for capital allocation and future developments

  • Knowledge sharing and enabling the free market to accelerate adoption

All of the previous benefits are made possible through decentralized governance and decision-making.

Governance and Decision-Making

The Nite Protocol will utilize TRVL tokens for governance purposes. TRVL token holders can propose and vote on protocol upgrades, changes, and decisions. This democratic approach empowers the community to collectively steer the protocol's evolution, ensuring that it remains aligned with the needs and desires of its stakeholders.

By allowing TRVL holders to vote on proposals, upgrades, and changes (both product and funding-related), the Nite Protocol will foster a decentralized governance model. This ensures that the community has a voice in the project's direction and can prevent centralization. As a result, TRVL holders can introduce new proposals for protocol improvements and participate in decision-making processes.

The proposed governance structure of the Nite Protocol will be shared separately.

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