Protocol Design

The Nite Protocol has three main components:

  1. Nite Token (Nites): A smart-contract standard to represent property-nights as tokens on blockchains.

  2. Dusk: An industry-driven, flexible, general, simple, and future-proof domain-specific knowledge representation language (DSL) to describe real-estate properties and their rental conditions.

  3. Nite Interface: Allows vacation rental operators to both create digital wallets and sync their property data to the Nite Protocol.

The above components comprise a system that ingests vacation rental property data, which vacation rental operators are then able to share with applications such as OTAs, PMSs, analytics engines, aggregators, search engines, reputation explorers, or any application connected to the protocol for whom that data is relevant. Permission to access the listing data is controlled by the vacation rental owner or manager.

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