Contributing Teams

Newstart (Non-Technical)

Newstart is a contributing company to the Dtravel ecosystem. The team is made up of travel and short term rental professionals and operators, digital nomads, crypto travelers, blockchain experts and web3 natives.

Newstart is responsible for:

  • Product

  • Design

  • Operations

  • Sales, business development and partnerships

  • Marketing and growth

  • Community engagement and management

  • Customer service and support

While Newstart has played an early role in the non-technical development of the Dtravel ecosystem, over time there will be many other teams and individuals contributing in various capacities.

Blocktech Labs (Technical)

Blocktech Labs works with Newstart to build products and features within the Dtravel ecosystem.

Blocktech Labs is responsible for:

  • Development of Dtravel’s ecosystem products

  • Maintenance and improvement to existing products

  • Security of core products

While initially there is currently one core technical team, over time there will be multiple technical teams and individuals making contributions to the Dtravel ecosystem.

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