Dtravel is a peer-to-peer vacation rental ecosystem that empowers the world to travel without the need for centralized marketplaces or third parties. Driven by a passionate community, the Dtravel ecosystem is built on the Nite Protocol and powered by its native token, TRVL.

As a progressive alternative to centralized marketplaces, Dtravel provides the infrastructure to facilitate peer-to-peer bookings. For operators, this means the ability to create new vacation rental websites and launch directly bookable listings that can process fiat and crypto bookings without intermediaries. For travelers, this means discovering and managing vacation rental bookings made directly with owners and operators. These infrastructure components interface with the Nite Protocol, bringing vacation rental data on-chain.

The Nite Protocol is a revolutionary approach to connectivity aimed at uniting the vacation rental industry through a common data standard. By leveraging blockchain and smart contract technology, the Nite Protocol offers a decentralized database for anyone to access and build upon.

Powering the Dtravel ecosystem is TRVL, a blockchain-based utility token. The TRVL token promotes decentralization and community-driven development by incentivizing growth and adoption through meaningful reward distribution.

To actualize our vision of becoming a fully decentralized, community-owned, and operated travel ecosystem, Dtravel’s core contributors have committed to developing a sustainable Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO) governance structure.

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