Dtravel Snapshot

The Dtravel Snapshot is dedicated to proposals involving Dtravel. In order to participate in Dtravel related proposals, you must hold a balance of 500 TRVL and be a current Dtravel community member. Soft proposals will be put forth for discussion and the Dtravel team will put together a formal proposal based on the discussion and feedback.

Examples of Dtravel proposals:

  • Proposal Process and proposal templates

  • How the Dtravel DAO will be governed (e.g. through a Council)

  • Council composition and selection (dependent on the above)

  • Tokenomics parameters

  • Growth campaigns

These are some examples but as the community provides feedback on what type of proposals they’d like to see, more will be added. The initial proposals will be focused on formalizing a lot of the governance framework and processes to set up the Dtravel DAO.

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