Our Guiding Principles

These are the guiding principles we’ve taken when creating this governance framework.

Long Term Sustainability

Executing Dtravel’s mission and vision isn’t a three or five year vision. It’s a 20+ year vision and this long term horizon demands that sustainability is at the core of all decisions. While it’s tempting and easy in web3 to optimize for short term decision making, Dtravel is committed to being here for the long run and has already outlasted many projects that only optimized for short term results. This is why we’re thoughtful about the implications today’s decisions will have on the future.

To ensure the continued sustainability of the entire ecosystem, all proposals and initiatives are created with an iterative approach where we can learn and adjust as needed rather than having monolithic plans that are impossible to change or are hard to sustain in the long run. This can sometimes feel at odds with how other projects operate but we’ve had the fortune of learning from other projects (good and bad) and know that in the long term, a responsible, thoughtful and mathematically sound approach is longer lasting than any flashy trends.

Responsible Progressive Decentralization

Decentralization doesn’t happen overnight. It’s been proven with many projects that in the early days, the best governance structure is a small group of people with subject matter expertise and passion who work together and move quickly and act decisively in the early days to ensure that progress is being made. At the same time, more proposals will gradually be put forth for community voting, especially as we have more teams and individuals working within the Dtravel ecosystem, which will reduce the dependency on any one team being critical to the ecosystem’s success and longevity, fulfilling the goal of the ecosystem’s decentralization.

Distributed Ownership

To truly realize decentralization, ownership has to be distributed to many people, especially those who contribute value to the Dtravel ecosystem. Related to the principle of long term sustainability, it’s also important that we provide ways to continue to distribute ownership over time to as many people as possible contributing to the Dtravel ecosystem so that ownership and control isn’t too concentrated with any one person or group of people.

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