Benefits of Using TRVL in the Nite Protocol

Distribution Access

Third-party applications can access the Nite Protocol API by paying in stablecoins or TRVL to query and distribute property data. The amount paid by third-party applications is based on the amount of properties queried and the source of properties queried.

Operators can put a price on access to listings they manage; this includes free access. If access is paid, operators split the earnings with integration partners they are connected to and the Nite Protocol. Integration partners can stake TRVL to improve their share of earnings. Integration partners will also have to stake TRVL as a form of security guarantee for their honest behavior in validating legitimate listings and bookings.

After receiving access to property listings, third-party applications can charge transaction fees for successful bookings. Operators will know how much the third-party application intends to charge before getting access to their listing data.

Incentivizing Cryptocurrency Transactions

The first of many on-ramps to the Nite Protocol will be Dtravel Direct. Dtravel Direct has a payments smart contract that automates the flow of funds from a cryptocurrency booking. When a guest sends cryptocurrency for a payment, 97% goes to the operator, and 3% goes to the Community Treasury.

If the payment is made in TRVL, the operator and traveler get a fee discount. If the payment is made in other cryptocurrencies, the other cryptocurrencies are swapped for TRVL and then deposited into the Community Treasury.

Partners who integrate Dtravel Direct and have operators process crypto transactions can earn a share of the treasury fee. Partners who stake TRVL can increase their percentage of the revenue share from crypto transactions.

Gas/Usage Fees

Gas fees are paid each time new Nite Tokens are minted, property data is updated, or property data is queried. The Nite Protocol will earn a margin over the cost of gas fees on the network where the Nite Tokens are minted. If gas fees are paid in TRVL, there will be a discount on gas fees paid.

Financial Primitives

Royalties for trading Nite Tokens, lending and borrowing Nite Tokens, and selling rights to future booking cash flows.

Developer Incentives

TRVL tokens will be used to incentivize participants within the protocol's ecosystem. This includes developers, contributors, users, and more. By rewarding these participants with TRVL tokens for their contributions (such as code development, bug reporting, content creation, etc.), Nite Protocol will foster an active and engaged community that collectively works towards the protocol's success. Nite Protocol Developer Incentive grants will be decided by the Dtravel Representative Council and shared with the community.


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