How Dtravel Will Support the Protocol

Dtravel contributors will play a coordinating role in the evolution and continuous enhancement of the Nite Protocol alongside all industry players who will utilize the protocol to increase the efficiency of their businesses. Our role encompasses various aspects aimed at fostering the growth and robustness of the protocol.

Firstly, Dtravel will actively support community-driven initiatives that refine and advance the protocol's capabilities. We believe in the power of collaborative efforts and are currently working closely with industry partners to design the protocol architecture and formulate the foundational smart contracts.

Our commitment includes the developer community by providing comprehensive developer frameworks, educational materials, and tutorials to encourage third-party contributions and innovations. Some initiatives will earn TRVL token grants from the Growth Fund.

Along with the above efforts, Dtravel is dedicated to helping drive widespread adoption of the protocol across the industry, ushering in a new era of decentralized travel. Notably, Dtravel Direct is already the first to showcase the practical application of this revolutionary technology within the vacation rental industry through the v3 booking contract upgrade.

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