What is Dtravel?

Dtravel is a peer-to-peer vacation rental ecosystem. The Dtravel ecosystem aims to solve major issues in the travel industry related to trust, reputation, connectivity and direct bookings.

The foundation of the Dtravel ecosystem is the Nite Protocol. The Nite Protocol establishes a single source of truth for data across the travel industry, eliminating the need for expensive and duplicative API builds and maintenance. The Protocol enables improved connectivity and distribution for entities across the travel sector, including vacation rental operators and other service providers.

Dtravel Direct is the first client application built on the Nite Protocol, empowering vacation rental operators with the infrastructure to move away from intermediaries, build their own brands, and grow their direct booking businesses.

The second application to be built on the Nite Protocol is the Dtravel Explorer, a client application enabling anyone to discover short-term rental listings, manage their listings, and earn TRVL rewards for contributing to the ecosystem.

Dtravel aims to become a fully decentralized, community-owned travel ecosystem. To achieve this vision, Dtravel's core contributors are developing a sustainable decentralized autonomous organization (DAO) structure. By first testing and evolving DAO operations internally, Dtravel will be better able to empower the community to create proposals and subDAOs, eventually enabling a self-governing ecosystem operated entirely by community members.

Establishing a DAO is critical to Dtravel's roadmap and vision. Dtravel believes every member of the ecosystem—including vacation rental operators, travelers, community members, ecosystem partners, builders, and web3 enthusiasts—is key to Dtravel's success and should have ownership in the ecosystem.


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