TRVL Token

OTAs compete fiercely with one another and are obligated to maximize value for their shareholders. This has resulted in closed systems that concentrate most of the value with a few large corporations at the expense of businesses and individuals.

As user-created value becomes more common, the next step is toward software built, operated, and funded by users and owned by users. While web2 platforms are designed to extract value from users, web3 equivalents can create value for owners. This is the ownership economy, in which platforms can leverage market incentives to create network effects and a self-sustaining cycle over time.

The travel industry is well suited to the ownership economy because everyone in the world can potentially be a traveler or travel operator. In the Dtravel ecosystem, ownership is represented by TRVL, an ERC-20 and BEP-20 token.

The TRVL token plays four main roles in Dtravel Direct:

  1. Payments

  2. Rewards

  3. Night tokens

  4. Governance

More utility will emerge as the Dtravel ecosystem matures.

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