The solution to these problems is direct bookings - bookings that are made peer-to-peer, without the need for a third-party. As long as platforms are in the middle of the transaction and have control over terms and policies, vacation rental operators and guests will always be at opposing ends, and as a result, operators earn less profit and travelers pay more for lower quality stays.

In the last five years direct bookings as a proportion of all short-term rental bookings has increased from 2.29% of vacation rental bookings to 21.75% in 2021, a +900% increase. This rise is indicative of the growing awareness that vacation rental operators have of needing to build their own brand and grow their own direct booking business, as well as desire from travelers to book directly with operators.

The rise of the book direct movement is converging with the innovation in web3. Between the two seemingly isolated industries, there is a shared ethos of control and ownership at the forefront of both. We believe that ultimately the Book Direct movement is a web3 movement and Dtravel Direct is positioned to lead the way.

Dtravel Direct is accelerating the global adoption of direct bookings by making it easy for vacation rental operators to reduce their dependence on intermediary platforms like OTAs and build their own brand through a modern booking site powered by smart contract technology.

With its blockchain-native infrastructure, Dtravel Direct empowers vacation rental operators with greater control and ownership while supporting a new way for guests to search, discover, and book vacation rentals in a peer-to-peer manner through partnerships with platforms, exchanges and wallets.

Dtravel Direct is the back-end infrastructure that powers direct booking sites. It has a modular system so that vacation rental operators can use it in three different ways: (1) to create a premium direct booking website; (2) to power an existing website, and/or (3) to form direct booking communities.

Designed to be lightning fast and built with flexible payment options such as credit and debit card, crypto, Apple Pay, Google Pay and book-now-pay-later, Dtravel Direct is an industry leading solution for vacation rental operators looking to start or scale their direct booking business.

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